Roz considers himself an all around artist producer and curator, his music can be classified as a form of vaporwave or synthwave, this retro futuristic sound generally consists of distorted industrial drums cinematic soundscapes with an EDM undertone, these sounds are usually coupled with a rap style that can be defined as “Lyrical Pop”, - a mix of catchy intellectually intriguing lyrics, that connects with the audience.


Roz's fashion leans towards a minimal techwear style, with streetwear overtones or "Utilitarian Urbanwear". his outfits typically consist of the basic crewnecks and hoodies with little to no branding, Prints and graphics are usually high contrast geometric designs. Other items that complete the look are accessories such as, round reflective sunglasses, long coats, and lug sole sneakers.



Roz was born in Trinidad and migrated to the United States at a young age. in school he excelled at art and design, during his school years he was exposed to rap music and began to participate in rap battle cyphers around Maryland. shortly after, Roz got involved with the battle rap scene and was able to use this environment sharpen his skills as a lyricist. As he progressed, Roz decided to pursue a design career in New York City, during this time he continued to battle and work on his music production skills. Since then Roz has worked with various artist, studios and engineers and he is always creating. Roz is always open to collaboration opportunities that align with his brand positioning and vision.